About us

Christensen & Co Architects is located in Copenhagen in an area with many creative companies. Here, more than 45 dedicated and talented employees work in a professional community on projects of great architectural quality. Our strong focus on creating sustainable architecture that supports new encounters has resulted in a number of award-winning buildings. Our projects build on experiences from more than 500.000 square metres of buildings and iconic structures for learning & research, culture & sport, housing & masterplan and workspace & interior design. Christensen & Co Architects was founded by Michael Christensen in 2006. Today, the firm’s partner group consists of creative director and founder Michael Christensen, CEO Vibeke L. Lindblad, Thomas Nørgaard, Mikkel H. Sørensen and Michael Larsen. Read more about Christensen & Co Architects’ partner group here.

Three basic premises of our architecture

We work experience-based with architecture and we have identified three basic premises for our work that we always take into account when developing our designs:

CULTURE: It is the human context, the demographic conditions, the local anchoring, and the building culture that we work within. We focus on the users’ values and the identity-forming communities, that our buildings will further.

RESOURCE: These are the materials, processes and economy that are part of our projects. Our buildings are depots for materials. The way we see it, we are merely borrowing the materials in our buildings for a time. In the projects, we focus on minimizing our use of environmental ressources. We do this by preserving the materials’ value to the greatest possible extent and by considering the building’s maintenance and operation already in the early project phases.

FUNCTION: This is about the specific requirements and needs in the building. It is the building’s layout, flow and how the building is experienced and used by the users. We work with the users’ knowledge of their own needs and, after the buildings have been handed over, we evaluate on how they live up to the function and visions that we had.

Sustainability at Christensen & Co

We always work with sustainability in our projects. We work systematically with prioritizing and optimizing solutions that connect aesthetics and sustainable initiatives.

In addition to our work with sustainability in projects, we also work purposefully with sustainability in our business operations. In order to maintain our sustainable ambitions in practice, we are affiliated with the UN Global Compact and every year we document our work in our CSR report. Read our latest CSR report here.


We are committed to: