Campus Albano

Learning terraces

At the heart of ‘Vetenskapsstaden’, in the northern part of Stockholm, a 150,000 m2 university area will unite the universities of the city. Part of this project is Campus Albano. Placed on the sloping terrain between Albanovägen and Brunnsviken, the two central buildings moves from five to two storeys high and form terraces reminiscent of giant steps. ‘Albanotrappan’, a large outdoor staircase between the buildings, is the unifying element and the primary access point to the area with direct entrances to meeting places and teaching facilities inside. A zone with an atrium and green courtyards in the middle of the buildings lets in daylight and creates a sense of proximity with the outdoors. The buildings have distinct volumes, with the scale being broken by the non-uniformity of the façades, adding rhythm and a sense of vibrancy to the area. The location of the building in the Royal National City Park, and its strong focus on sustainability and biodiversity, are integrated in the design.

ClientAkademiska Hus, Stockholm
Area36.000 m²
LocationStockholm, Sweden
CollaboratorsCedervals, BSK, Nivå Landscape AF (installations), COWI
Imagesbeauty and the bit, Christensen & Co. Architects
UsersUniversity of Stockholm
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