Copenhagen Terminal Buildings

Luminous lanterns

Three clusters of geometric shapes sits along the 1,200-metre-long cruise ship pier at Nordhavn, in Copenhagen. The buildings are Copenhagen’s new cruise ship terminal, with heated areas for passengers and an unheated area for handling luggage. The design is inspired by sailing, and the translucent corrugated polycarbonate panels and window sections in the façade evoke an image of luminous lanterns in the dark, thus the terminals become a symbol of safe harbour for travellers from all over the world. Inside, an exposed concrete construction combines with the raw geometric design to create a characteristic look that supports Denmark’s profile as a design nation. During the summer, the terminal is a hive of activity with cruise ships constantly docking and departing, with hundreds of thousands of tourists and crewmembers, from more than 140 different countries, using the facilities during the season. In the winter, two of the terminal buildings are adapted into a cultural venue for events, concerts and exhibitions.

ClientCPH City & Port Development
Area10.000 m²
LocationNordhavn, DK
CollaboratorsThing & Wainø Landscape, SWECO
ImagesAdam Mørk, Tap1
UsersCopenhagen Malmø Port (CMP)
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