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DTU B128 & B129

Labs of interdisciplinarity

The laboratories of B128 and B129 at DTU – Technical University of Denmark are housing the Department of Civil Engineering and DTU’s research on technical geology and geotechnics and the development of sustainable building materials. With state-of-the-art research facilities and a natural adaptation to the environment, the two buildings contribute to making the academic activity at DTU more visible.

With its cantilevered floors, B128 creates a vertical marker in the otherwise elongated outdoor space, while the ground floor aligns with building B118 and creates a covered, south-facing living area. In the future, the two buildings will be connected by a cohesive social zone with study spaces and workshop areas. From here, there is full access and a clear view between all activities in the building. With B129, a quiet house that places itself elegantly among the large trees has been created.

Everything –  the outdoors and indoors, theory and practice, the academic and the social – is interwoven and creates a living environment that radiates interdisciplinarity everywhere. In these labs, the road from theory and research to concrete experiments is short.

Technical University of Denmark (DTU)
B128 : 1.150 m², B129 : 750 m²
Lyngby Campus, DK
Norconsult, Cubic Group, 1:1 Landskab
Laura Stamer
DTU – Department of Civil Engineering