Gentofte Sports Park

Shimmering black braids

In 1936, renowned Danish architect Arne Jacobsen won the architectural competition to build Gentofte’s new stadium. Since then, new buildings have been added, most recently Gentofte Sports Hall. With its black, aluminium panel façade, the sports hall is a strong sculptural landmark for all the daily users, the clubs and associations in the municipality. The interwoven aluminium is folded up and outwards to create a covered entrance area. Inside the building consist of two large halls that each has three basketball pitches, large doors create an open connection between the two halls whose support functions are situated along the sides. The building has been embedded four metres into the ground to blend in with the surrounding landscape. The existing football pitch has been turned 90 degrees, and a new outdoor grandstand has been added as well as a training hall and a competition hall that can house 1,500 spectators. The new hall and outdoor areas transforms Gentofte Sports Park into a dynamic centre for amateur and elite sport, open to the public.

ClientGentofte Municipality
Area7250 m²
LocationGentofte, DK
CollaboratorsNord Architect,s Kragh & Berglund Landscape, Balslev, Oluf Jørgensen
ImagesAdam Mørk, Bo Bolther
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