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KTH Educational Building

A learning experience

The new multi-functional educational centre for the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) in Stockholm is a learning environment for educating building designers and constructional engineers. The building is designed as a flexible learning laboratory and it is accessible to the entire KTH Campus. The spiralling layout of the building is like a textbook come to life, where easily readable constructions and installations can be used for teaching purposes. Developed through discussions, study trips and a programming phase outlining the ambitions, the design features numerous spaces that create a diverse building with large, bright, small, quiet, transparent, loud, sloping, underground, light and dark spaces. A central staircase spiraling up through the building ensures plenty of light and provides an airy study environment. The façade is keeping with KTH’s almost 100-year-old tradition of using brick, while the beaver tail tiles is a contemporary energy-efficient twist that brings the past into the future.

ClientAkademiska Hus, Stockholm
Area3600 m²
LocationStockholm, Sweden
CollaboratorsWSP Group, Incoord, Wilke Wirén Luhr
ImagesChristensen & Co. Architects
UsersKTH, Architecture and Engineering
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