Nokken Kindergarten

A playful harbour house

At the tip of Islands Brygge in Copenhagen, Nokken Kindergarten overlooks the sea. The building reinforces the harbour’s characteristic qualities with its charming, ramshackle houses, sheds and gardens. The surrounding area’s small boathouses, kayak clubs and beach houses have inspired the design of the building, with the cropped roof referring to the irregular constructions of the local masting houses and historic boathouses. The building volume shelters an inner courtyard placed at the centre of the site, which gives the smaller children a perfect spot for outdoor play. Older children can play on the outer playground facing the sea, where the roof has been carefully designed to create sheltered areas. The raw exterior opens up into a colourful inner universe, decorated to resemble the inside of a jewellery box. Vibrant patterned wallpaper, tiles, and paint in different colours along with the organisation of rooms and facilities create a cosy labyrinth for children to explore. The design was developed in collaboration with the users and the client to ensure a strong ownership.

ClientCopenhagen Municipality
Area1250 m²
LocationCopenhagen, DK
CollaboratorsJohanneson Landscape, Rambøll
ImagesAdam Mørk, Bo Bolther
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