Odsherred Theatre

laboratory of performance

The new extension of Odsherred Theatre is like a lantern – black and dark on the outside with shiny, golden reflections within. The main façade is  black terracotta bricks and is reminiscent of ‘the stage curtain’. Large windows allow people who pass by to look into the theatre and follow the everyday life in a laboratory of performance. The back of the building is inspired by the aesthetics of mechanics used in theatre. Parts of the façade offer views to the interior of the building and the back of the building can be opened, creating a connection between the stage-room and the surrounding local area. Between the outdoor areas and the stage room is a workshop where the props, sets and other items for the theatre are produced. The secret jewel of the building – the stage room – is clad in golden anodized aluminum that reflects the surroundings.  The new building is seamlessly connected to the exiting theatre by a large internal staircase. This is a theatre strongly founded in the local community.

ClientOdsherred municipality, Odsherred Theatre
Area1000 m2
LocationOdsherred, Nykøbing Sjælland
CollaboratorsPrimus, STED, Oluf Jørgensen A/S, Sweco, Inoconsult, Cowi
ImagesChristensen & Co, Primus
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