Sculptural rotation

Uniquely located immediately next to Copenhagen’s largest beach park, Twister forms a dynamic combination of apartments and leisure in a distinctive setting of both historical and modern architecture. The residential tower is 45 metres high, with 28 flats and 360-degree views. The name Twister refers to the sculptural rotation the circular building describes. The twisted shape shimmers spectacularly due to the visual interference that is created by the three-dimensional white balustrades in two layers. The white, concrete façade is a discrete backdrop to the changing patterns of the hand-welded balustrades. An angular column form the centre of the tower, with large window sections that create openness as well as fulfil the requirements for low energy use. On the ground floor, large glass sections in the lobby area ensure a welcoming atmosphere.

Area3000 m²
LocationCopenhagen, DK
ImagesAdam Mørk
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